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Why Should You Choose Hydrovac Excavation?

At Hydrovac Edmonton, we've been offering the customers of Edmonton and the surrounding areas our hydrovac excavation services for well over ten years. There are a myriad of reasons as to why you should use this excavation service, the primary of which centers around its necessity with construction work. The following will provide an in-depth look at why you should choose hydrovac excavation, as well as the many benefits.

What is Hydrovac Excavation?

City of EdmontonFor anyone that's not fully aware, Hydrovac Excavation is a process wherein soil is removed and moved to a different location through the usage of water that has been pressurized. A large vacuum then takes this material to a specialized debris tank. Hydrovac excavation is a more efficient means of excavating soil than any other available process and is especially useful in the city of Edmonton and other areas in Canada where colder soil can make it more difficult for traditional soil excavating processes to work properly. However, using pressurized water removes the issues that were once present with other excavation methods, making hydrovac excavation a useful tool for a wide range of applications. The vacuum for this excavation method can come from two different sources, that of a positive displacement blower or a standard fan system. Both have their advantages. For instance, a standard fan system can complete excavations quicker, can move air in very large amounts and is generally easier to operate. On the other hand, a positive displacement blower can move the air to lengthier distances and can excavate deeper than with a fan system. The most common of these methods is the fan system.

Possible Benefits of Hydrovac Excavation

graph-163549_640There are a wealth of benefits associated with hydrovac excavation. One of the primary benefits comes in the form of how the process is done. When excavating soil via manual digging, you will need to utilize heavy machinery that can be a safety risk for the manual workers involved and will need to complete backfilling once the soil has been removed, all of which is eliminated when using hydrovac excavation. It's also important to note that manual digging can be highly time consuming for manual workers. Hydrovac excavation is non-mechanical and doesn't have any safety issues that you would need to worry about. As such, costs are effectively reduced from what would be paid for a less reliable alternative in manual digging. A few of the additional benefits include:
  • Less traffic congestion caused by the equipment, as it can be placed a large distance away from the excavation site
  • Avoids cracking pipes and other utilities underground
  • Is very accurate to where it's digging, which means that all surrounding soil is left exactly as it was

Why You Should Choose Hydrovac Excavation

There are plenty of reasons as to why you should choose hydrovac excavation. Even disregarding the benefits listed above, there are several industries that would benefit greatly from hydrovac excavation. As mentioned previously, construction is the main one, as subsurface utilities and underground facilities are oftentimes necessary within the industry. Hydrovac excavation can also be used for such tasks as potholing, daylighting, sewer rehabilitation, landscaping, pole installation, sign installation and many more hydrovac services.

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